About Me

Hello there! I hope you have enjoyed browsing my portfolio. My love for art and interest in design began in childhood and has followed me my entire life.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in design at the University of Miami , I began working for a large commercial printer in their prepress department doing file preparation for plates, color correction and manipulation, as well as magazine layout.

I progressed to Graphic Design, and then to Senior Graphic Designer for Telcordia Technologies. I have a keen sense of design, combined with a genuine love for what I do. I am constantly seeking to challenge myself creatively and am looking forward to finding the perfect professional outlet to continue that journey.

My attention to detail and need for perfection have both been the subject of light hearted jokes around my current office at Ericcson, where I am currently employed as an Art Director. I have won a number of awards for my work, including a MarCom Gold award. While I am proficient in many types of design software, I am consistently seeking out new and exciting tools to broaden my approach. I am a very motivated person who is easy to work with.

When not hard at work, I am hanging around with my 3 dogs, working on the never ending project I call my home, and sometimes even running a marathon. Currently I reside in Central NJ, but would be willing to travel for the right situation. I hope to have the opportunity to be of service to you.